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Culinary Consultant

Pastry Chef Crystal will meet and select a kid friendly menu              for all ages including 1st Birthdays, Quinceanera and                   Sweet Sixteen Parties and more.

She will created a cream-filled, fruit topped, sheet cake and/or            tier cakescharacter and sculpted shaped cake that's 

       unique to you and/or your themed event.                

Our Pastry Chef can design any type of dessert bar and treat station for your party needs.

Fun Stations- Our Pastry Chef has designed  a fun food station for all ages and they are set up and operated by our Fun Food Operators! 

                    *Cotton Candy Stations      *Popcorn Station      *Sno Cone Station     

                  *Hot Dog Station     *Candy Station      *Ice Cream Station

Children's Entertainment

We have Pixie the Clown and the latest to the classic cartoon characters from Disney and Nickelodeon or Super Hero for any event. 

 Characters- We offer themed character for events not   

             associated with a licensed character,           

     ie,cowboys, policeman, army man, witches, etc. 

Themed Events- We offer the Scenery Setting and                                                                                   Themed Characters for most themed events.   

Wagon Ride- Pixie and her assistant or your favorite cartoon character will take up to six children at a time on a wagon ride around your  "Level" backyard.

Balloon Art- Pixie the Clown will make flowers and animals for their entertainment and she will brings a large goodie bag full of balloon art.

Balloons-We offer Stuff Balloons, Helium Balloons, Balloon Trees, Balloon Arrangements 

Balloon Columns and  Balloon Arch Gift Tables! 

Activities- We offer oversized and inflatable games for All Ages.

      * Oversized Bowling Game

          * Carnival Games 

          * Pony Race (ages 2-99)

             *Putt-Putt Game


              GAMES added/updated MONTHLY CALL FOR LATEST ADDITION!   


                     * Water Tag (Outside Only)

                     * Water Limbo (Outside Only)


Birthday Packages- We offer Birthday Packages for All Ages.  We offer birthday packages from the most modest budget to a budget with no limits!

Lets Get Bouncing Inflatables

We have Bouncers, Waterslides with pools, Combos and  Obstacle Courses for any birthday party!  All inflatables have a attendant for the safety of you and your guest.

Outside games for toddlers to teens!

We offer residential bouncers for parties with 7 or less guest. 

Check Us Out at: Letsgetbouncinginflatables.com  to see our

complete line of Inflatable Slide, Bouncers and Kids Menu for any type of birthday event.

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